Air Force Veteran Becomes Homeowner

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Meet our newest proud homeowner, Eddie Wright! Eddie is an Air Force veteran who served his country for a decade. He says that his military service taught him many things, including “lessons … about short and long term objectives” which highlight the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Newest Homeowner

Mr. Wright’s road to homeownership was not always been a smooth one and it takes a village to make it happen. Before a veteran can be matched with a home, Veterans Path Up must find a house or property that can be rehabilitated. This can be challenging for many reasons, two being the rate of growth in Charlotte and increasing property values. Charlotte is the place the be! However, by staying alert and paying attention to the many avenues of property information, VPU found a great property to make into an awesome place to live.

Eddie may not originally be from Charlotte, but he felt that Charlotte was his home and the community he wanted to be a part of. He became involved with VPU after he saw an advertisement that we were looking for a veteran tenant on social media. Eddie was excited by the prospect of not only renting a house, but being able to buy it and create his home! It wasn’t all rainbows: he had less than perfect credit and, upon review by a 3rd party based solely on what was on paper, VPU was advised that Mr. Wright may not be the perfect renter. However, VPU’s mission overrode this assessment. Veterans are more than just what appears on credit reports. Eddie seemed like a person of character who would put in the necessary hard work, and he has!

It has been an 18 month long journey, which is longer than originally planned for. However, this journey has benefited both Eddie and VPU. It has given VPU an opportunity to refine it’s education program and find what works for veterans in real life. Eddie says that the actionable steps VPU set forth helped guide him on what to do next and keep moving forward. He was introduced to Charlotte Housing Partnership, who he says helped him with “educational classes on credit, finances, and preparation for buying a home.” The partnerships VPU creates with other services and non-profit organizations are the backbone of the education process.

New Homeowner

Eddie also volunteers with the local USO to help others. He wanted to share a piece of advice with other veterans out there: “Reach out and make connections, because I have learned the relationships are real and just as strong on the outside [as among military brothers].” Veterans Path Up strives to provide more than just a cookie-cutter program to temporarily band-aid the issues faced by veterans searching for a chance to have their own home. We want to support veterans in the ways they need support and create a relationship of mutual trust.

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