Driven2Honor Hero, PO1 Bass

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Petty Office First Class Ashley Bass was recently recognized by Driven2Honor, stock car racer Jennifer Jo Cobb’s organization that spotlights female military members. PO1 Bass is a local Recruiter for the US Navy. She was gracious enough to answer a few fun questions about herself and her military service.

When and why did you join the Navy? I was in my second year of community college and as I sat in class one day I started to wonder about my future. I decided that I was not doing enough and needed more of a challenge in my life.  So in November of 2011 I joined the US Navy.”

Do you have a family history in the military? Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers served in the military but I am the first female in my family’s history to serve. Since I wanted to challenge myself and show my friends and family that not only men were for the military, I decided to join the US Navy!”

What is your favorite memory so far while in the service? My favorite memory while serving in the Navy would have to be from my days in boot camp. Nervous out of my mind I was called into my Recruit Division Commanders’ office where my Chief RDC looked directly at me and said, “Recruit Bass… I think that you should be our Recruit Chief Petty Officer.” … Over the succeeding seven weeks, I grew as a leader, steering my division towards a successful pass in review and ultimately winning honor graduate. The night of graduation, my Chief walked up to me and put his hand out to shake mine and in that handshake, I was given my very first challenge coin.”

Who is your favorite woman from military history? My all-time favorite woman from military history is none other than Loretta Perfectus Walsh. She aspired to serve her country, while doing so equal to men. Fortunately, she was able to join as the first woman in the United States Navy and as the first woman in any branch of service to serve in anything other than a nursing assignment. Loretta Perfectus Walsh was the first woman to officially enlist in the military as well as hold rank. She paved the way for woman in the military. “

Thank you to PO1 Bass for her service! Also, thank you to Jennifer Jo Cobb for sponsoring Veterans Path Up and Ms. Bass at her May race at Charlotte Motor Speedway!

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