Our Mission

Veteran’s Path Up’s (VPU) mission is to provide affordable stable housing to Veterans and Veteran families through the use of shared living, single family residences, and ultimately a path to home ownership. Our emphasis is to provide housing for homeless, working and disabled veterans many of whom do not qualify for long term support from any government agency.
We ascribe to a philosophy of helping those with a “hand-up” as opposed to a “hand-out”. The core of this philosophy starts with stable housing as the cornerstone to a good foundation.
VPU provides a critical link to the veteran by bridging the gap to other supportive veteran services. This is accomplished through education and awareness to available support with the ultimate goal of getting the veteran and family on the path to self-sufficiency.

VPU understands that no one organization can satisfy all needs. It is through the collaborative efforts of like-minded giving organizations and individuals, focused team work, and the use of all available resources to accomplish the most positive impact for those in need.

Through the use of private and philanthropic funding, VPU acquires, rehabs and places Veterans into the appropriate housing for where they are with respect to their current financial picture. This allows our employees the flexibility to have multiple potential solutions to address veteran’s needs. Improving neighborhood housing, and showing veterans a path-up, strengthens the community and strengthens the country while helping those who have protected our freedoms.